Saturday, May 26, 2012

Does it happen to you that when you see someone's work you just become happy, like you feel like singing happy? It suddenly makes you want to pick up your sketchbook if you have one & makes you want to buy one if you don't. It makes you feel you can have fun, because someone has had it & it reaches your heart & you are smiling like an idiot. This doesn't happen often to me, but when it happens its like a turning point & can change or put a full stop to or begin an entire phase that could last months. It is that point that changes everything. So suddenly when I saw these images in pinterest pinned by Quratulain Ahmed whose boards I follow and find immense resonance with, I stopped & I HAD to see more of this. The art I discovered belonged to one of Germany's most renowned and frequently awarded artist, Olaf Hajek. "Hajek focuses enthusiastically on wonder, heroic acts, hallucinations, and fairytale motifs. With artistic virtuosity and intellectual calculation he relocates and recombines various captions of reality, planting them within new and exciting mystical connotative frameworks." as quoted in Johanssen Gallery.


 And any artist who does such beautiful typography is a man after my own heart.

Bonus on bonus! I stumbled on his home on The Selby, which is such a kickass site anyway.

 The dishy artist at work. 
An image like this is so precious, because (I don't know if you feel like this) the art you see has so captured your imagination, almost unreal & you are constantly trying to think of how the artist works. And here you feel like you've suddenly entered his studio are looking at him bent over his work, working in solitude. Its just killer, isn't it?

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