Dana Tanamachi's Typograhy in chalk.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

This is from where we all began ~ the blackboard and chalk. And not many of us associate it with serious art or typography. Up untill now, I had seen chalkboard paint on the kitchen walls of hip homes, seen handwritten menu's in Irani restraunts and seen it used interestingly in an ad campaign here & there. And then to see Dana Tanamachi's beautiful vintage black-board typography on the Oprah Magazine cover made me do a double-take. More confirmation to my theory - stick to what ever you love to do. How ever quaint it may seem. It will take you to where you have to go. "At that time, it became even more important to create personal projects where I could continue to practice lettering. Being on the computer all day, I didn’t want to lose the ability to draw with my hands—I didn’t want to get rusty. That actually became a very real concern, which spurred me on to pursue creative typographic outlets in my spare time. That’s where the chalk came in. Did I ever think it would become something I could do full-time? Never." This is from an interview of Dana Tanamachi from the kickass website The Great Discontent.
 "SpotCo fed my addiction for hand-lettering. I knew the basics, but I simply wanted to get better. That led to practicing drawing letterforms after hours or on weekends."
 "It is fun and it’s really satisfying. At the end of the day, my back hurts and my hands are a little raw, but it feels good to have done something physical."

Do read this really inspiring interview of her @ the Great Discontent.

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