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Friday, March 06, 2009

One wouldn't imagine recession being a good thing, but a lot of good seems to come out of it too. People react in all kinds of beautiful ways & things that were never done before get done. Jess Gonacha's Pecannoot is one example & the other is a brilliant idea called "post-it notes left to their fate in public places". This is what the person who does this has to say about these post it notes "I guess i got a bit tired of all the depressing headlines, the constant chatter about the economy looking like a dog's breakfast, the general air of doom and pessimism, people i know getting laid off. Since i thought i could cheer somebody up a little by leaving a reminder where it can be found. and it's been a huge encouragement when a few people found the notes and got back to me saying that it made them smile and made the day a little bit better for them."

Strategically placed...

cleverly placed.....
....Post-its that put a smile on your face :)
Whatever I was going through, I'd grin instantly at this handmade post it staring at me in my face.

For your daily dose of inspiration check 'writer's' blog
I like a world where such writers exist.

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