Inside a Restored Pol house

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

When I was posting my pictures of Ahmedabad's Pols- I was doing my usual google search on what to write & guess what I get- pictures of how a renovated Pol house looks! I didn't venture into any of those homes when I went, but the net is a generous place. So we have the pictures taken by John Hentry Claude Wilson (from cuboimages)- they are water marked but I had to feature them here!

Restored traditional Pol house, an all wood structure, with wood carved facade, some 300 to 400 years old, Ahmedabad, Gujarat state, India, Asia
Traditional wood door and 19th century floor tiles Traditional wood doors, and open grill allowing cross ventilation- (arent these guys to die for!) Loved that red chair with the tile
Wood beamed ceiling and kitchen utensils on wall in dining area (Love the chairs here)

Kitchen area with brass cooking utensils and samovar

Bedroom detail, with traditional sweeping brush

Traditional mud floor contrasting with the magnificently painted ceiling

The magnificent and incongruous bedroom ceiling, painted in the European style (!) fusion decor if nothing else is unfailingly interesting :) And thats a lot- in my book.
Inner courtyard ( I loved these images and saved it for the last)
Decorative child's toy parrot in traditional wall niche

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