Kalaghoda festival 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

The week that was, was one that saw Bombay's arterati deck out in its technicolour best. For those in the know it is a week that India's money spinning city dances a colourful jig, sings a soulful song and finds the time to stop and stare. The Kalaghoda festival puts together an interesting mix of the visual arts, theater, film and literature. Here's my montage- quick impressions of the festival. The next year I'm hoping to take a couple of days off to be part of this event which is just one more reason to love Bombay.
The Ghodas (horses) first :) The Kala(black)and the colourful.... Mumbai Masti - The most eyecatching installation :The description said "If the world is your playground, then Mumbai is certainly a giant ferris wheel. And one that carries everything with it, as it goes around its axis going about its daily business." The ferris wheel is made of cycles and the now legendary dabbas (lunch carriers) of Bombay. This was was by Krsna Mehta. Image from the KalaGhoda Festival blog . Do check the blog for some really interesting reading on the unending facets of the festival.
Close-up of the many little ceramic shoes were stuck on the large one

There were these interestingly painted cars... I particularly liked this one

I LOVED these apples that were just suspended from trees. It was such an unexpectedly beautiful thing to look up and see :)
Puppet shows for the children Is any fair complete without these colours? From Tanjore paintings to furniture from rajasthan to....

...Blue Pottery from Jaipur to...
...Beautiful paper and stationery...
...there was much to browse and buy...
The images below are from the Kalaghoda blog ArtQuest had displayed some really interestng pieces of art-"There was a lovely little “koffee with karan” tribute. Cute Hindi film poster art feeling that they managed on a fairly traditional coffeee set. "
There was great one on sting operations. Ultimately everything in the media is a commodity used gainfully to attract eyeballs. The truth be damned:). The use of ratty methods to catch the rat!"
"The exhibit that struck me most was the sculputer “She Smoker”. A set of hands holding a variety of smokes - from beedis to cigarette butts - it seemed to be a comment on the attitudes towards women smoking."
The ferris wheel lit up beautifully...

And interesting lights ended each day on a colourful note.

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