Indian-Moroccan Colours in Canada

Friday, February 15, 2008

I remember seeing this home on flickr and thinking- this woman really has style and the panache to carry off this palatte. The walls were awash with hot pinks and bold reds with spots of turquoise brilliance. And then to discover that the creator of all this is all of 21 years old is quite a stumper. Amah or Adventuress Heart, from Toronto, Canada, says her influences in interior design are mostly clean, modern, yet with a touch of Moroccan/indian/eastern influence (I'd say its definitely a lot more than a touch- this girl is totally inspired by it) "Almost everything in my home is from IKEA, so I really wanted to show how with some colour and creativity you can create a nice room on a low budget.
"Modern Moroccan with a hint of girlyness -I must admit when my family saw me pick out the wall colours they thought I was nuts or something, but I stayed confident, painted the whole room myself and went over with several coatings to achieve the desirable colour and it all paid off. I love sitting in there in the evening working on my laptop with the soft corner lamp on. (I choose to actually remove the ceiling light and attach the chandelier piece because i didn't like the idea of coming into the room and switching on the bright light which would really ruin the whole decor, the soft corner lamp is enough and lighting some of the candles give it a warm and cozy exotic feel) "
Amah's love for pillows and fabric is evident in this happy mix of colour and pattern.

The killer chandelier Traditional incense from Indonesia in little decorated wooden pot.
Ikea mirror
Tribal art tapestry
"This is actually a very thin piece of cloth with detailed stitching from pakistan or afghanistan, I wrapped it around a frame and hung it up like a picture. I'd say almost all these colours were used in my room so it was nice how the pictured tied them all together in one piece.""Mini beaded kohl(eyeliner) purse- given to Aamah when she was 6 by a Pakistani lady-" it's one of my favourites and I added the leather strap to wear as a necklace."
Amah's love for jewellery and taste in them makes for some scrumptuous pictures. I love the metal tabletop with embossed design , makes a great backdrop for the beautiful baubles.
She's got a fantastic eye for colour and design- she's also got a blog.

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