A sun-soaked home in Netherlands

Monday, January 07, 2008

My day begins with Flickr. And there's no telling what bounty it will bring each day. It shows me many worlds, varied perspectives, different artists with unique styles. As many pictures as there are eyes. Its a daily education and inspiration.
But yesterday I checked my photostream to find a new person called 'Interior Inspiration' with a beautiful little thumbnail. I had to see who this was- my curiosity was well rewarded. Before me were the pictures of one of the most stunningly warm and colourful homes I've had the privilege to see. There was no way I wasn't sharing this with you guys- so I wrote to Sas van Oers expressing a desire to feature her home. She was (thankfully) delighted. Sas is an Interior designer who believes in sharing creative ideas with creative people. Her home is a brilliant example of what colour and imagination can do to your home, so what if its rented, so what if the furntiture is second hand and so what if there are next to no budgets! Over to Sas:

"Welcome to my home! I live in a small but cute little house in the Netherlands.The weather here is not very appealing to me (although I was born here), so I painted my house in colours that remind me of the sun. And now even when it's raining I'm warm in my little pumpkin house :) I like the colours and patterns of Mexico and India and I love second hand furniture.Hope you like it too...." "One of my favourite combinations, old wood and teak with bright warm colours."-Sas
"These are my favourite colours! The terracotta mixes beautifully with the deep Tuscan yellow. The wall is painted first in yellow and I later sponged it with terracotta pigment mixed with a little water. This works beautifully on structured walls. "S
"I am very fond of all kinds of strange stones, wood and leaves.This one is from a banana tree and I put a little light in it. " S
"The wooden boxes on the wall are furnished with fabric on the backside and I always burn candles in them. Little pictures of light.When I am in the mood for something else I just change the colours of the fabric and the candles. A new pillow on the bench and it all looks completely different!
This floor was a beautiful gift from my house to me. I found it beneath the horrible old tapestry. It is the original floor. I just had to smooth and oil it, and now it looks warm and cosy!"-S
"It took me quite a while to find a couch with was comfortable and not too expensive. Another problem was the size. I have a very small living room and I didn’t want the couch to be predominant.I loved this one from Ikea but it was still too expensive for me. I managed to find it second-hand on the internet! And now I 'm enjoying it every day. "-S

"I like combining different patterns. This bedspread is made in India and hand printed. The pillows and the fabric hanging behind them are also made in India and show so much eye for the detail!"

"I like to buy my furniture second hand and very cheap on flea markets and the internet. The money I save with that I spend on beautiful accessories bought in Fair Trade shops."

"Every year my father gives me a Buddha sculpture as a present.This one stands on top of the stairs and he always gives me a warm feeling when I am walking the stairs.
I find ethnic craftsmanship very beautiful and in my house you can find sculptures and pottery from all over the world."-S

"My tiny red library. The floor is the same as down stairs but looks completely different because I did not oil it but used a white wash. "

" Wine and olives are always available in my kitchen.The kitchen is very small, so I use my kitchen storage as an accessory"

"A light behind the winebottles gives them a wonderfull glow! And the Chardonnay looks like liquid gold....hmm"
"The bathroom has strange old green tiles. But because I rent my house I am not allowed to change them. So I painted the bathroom terracotta and added some green Mexican masks. Now I feel at home in the green."
"This mask is a house guardian from Indonesia and watches my back door.The old picture frame is stretched with casement cloth (Ikea) and disguises my washing machine. Guess what's in the two baskets :) ""This is a picture of my garden bench, taken last summer."-Sas
"I believe decorating is a process that takes time and love and is very individual.It can't be established in one day at a great mall with a stylist who picks out everything for you."
I couldn't agree more. And this talented lady now has a blog. Do check it out for more pictures and more ideas on how she creates her warm brand of beauty.

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