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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is a completely impulsive idea for a post. I just thought i will share with you some corners of my home. Initially when I started my blog a lot of people asked me to share pics of my home & i just didn't feel it was anything-enough to really share & today here I am, ok with posting them. Maybe it speaks of my comfort with blogging and this world, maybe it just means I'm less self conscious :)
I like the sun and his colours. The Tangkha paintings are a gift.
I tried my hand at decoupage on that shelf

The triangular mirror on the orange wall reflects the corner on the right.
What follows is many shots and moods of my dining table. Taken at different times across the year. None of this is new news to my flickr friends though :)
My morning sun soaked tea.
...and what happened of it.
Litchies on my natural fibre table mat.
More pomogranates
This was for a mood board contest I took part in. I had great fun composing these. I had never taken pics like these before that.
An antique wooden platter from Kerala.
These vintage car coasters are from Chor bazaar. No I'm not into vintage cars, I just liked the colours.
And this is my moms traditional silver oil lamp she likes to light up once in a while.

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