Dar Dhiafa, a small hotel in Djerba, Tunisia.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I was generally browsing through Marie Claire Maison- (not that I understand French, but the language of eyecandy is universal) and I came across these stunning pictures. Babelfish came to rescue and I figured I'm looking at this gorgeous little hotel in a Tunisian village, Djerba, called Dar Dhiafa. There is just so much romance in these visuals & they remind me of Morocco. I just find myself continually drawn to its colourful world which is so much like India & not.

Loved this screen which has the typical geometric designs one has come to associate with muslim art & architecture
aaah.. step into the a world of rough hewn curved arches...
...and Moorish cafes.
the beautifully lit poolside
Colourful Turkish baths
and pristine calming bedrooms...An interesting verandah to curl with a book
I just love the way they use colour, a lot in some places, just a touch in others. This reminds me I need to pull out my pics from rajasthan & cover the couple of places where I was put up when I went. It should make for some really colourful posts.

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