The Colourful world of Nilofer Suleman

Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome to the kitschy kitsch world of Nilofer Suleman. A world animated by oily men and big bindied colourful women. Her canvases are snapshopts & extremely artistic and tongue in cheek slices of the normal Indian life. I love the elements one finds in her work the 'Indian poster art typography', roadside signage, truck graphics and the colours of India, undiluted and unapologetic. Nilofer also happens to be one of the very few Indian artists who has a blog and chooses to sell her art through her blog, Raw Umber.

Gods and Hindi Movie posters are another feature that keep appearing on her paintings. “If there are two things in India people are absolutely crazy about, they’ve got to be religion and cinema. They are taken to, any day any time” -Nilofer Suleman. To read the complete article/interview click here.
"Modern Fishes - fish a day keeps the apple away"
And I love love love the blouses her women wear & her canvases are stuffed with delighful detailing.
And you must must read the descriptions of these situations on her blog.
A middle class family against a backdrop of the most scintillating filmy posters :)

Bollywood and Imported
English Cut Indian Cut
Multicolour Hair dye
Her characters, 'Chinnamma' 'Jayaram' and the rather lecherous 'Sohanlal Rasia' form a colourful tableau.
"Bajrang Gymnasium - Hygenically Healthcare" :)
"Royal Fantasy Paan centre"
Two of her earlier works.
Part of the Marathahalli couple series. And for all interested in buying her art do contact her on this no or write to her on the mail id shown in the picture above. Nilofer Suleman also happens to be the very talented Shilo Suleman's mother.

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