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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When the people from Maram wrote to me, I was slightly wary. But I checked the link they sent me & it was seriously crammed with goodies. Especially if you are a lover of antique wood & the prospect of living with beautifully carved relics appeals to you. At Maram (which means wood in most south Indian languages) an old door can become a table or frame a mirror. An old Ayurvedic medicine chest morphs into your cd holder or the famous urli becomes your wash basin. Life gets interesting.
Sheila and Krishna Baru help design your interiors & this is part of one such project. I loved the old door in the contemporary room.
A beautiful old world centre table transforms this room
Love the roll top table and the wood against the yellow wall [reminds me of archana's home :)]
I fell in love when I saw this. Gorgeous.
All black carved headboard of a bed.
More carved headboards, so regal.
I'd seriously pick this up. This mirror converted from an old door frame, can double any space.
This one's called the Kamadhenu door.
I liked this concept. Its a free standing pooja(prayer) cabinet. Normally people who can afford the space have an entire pooja room. But for the space starved, this is a brilliant option. Bombayites, are you listening?
This is a Thai diwan - true fusion. Diwans are the sofa equivalents for Indians & this is a thai version. Coool.
I liked these, though they are carved, they are really solid.
A beautiful carved old Goan chair.
The combination of the woven cane and the carving, make these chairs interesting.
On the left is a beautiful cupboard with a lotus tile inlaid. But look at the right- this is seriously neat- the urli as a basin.
Bed side tables with fret work.
This mirror frame is made from bed parts. The great news is that a lot of their furniture is custome made.
I read a couple of articles written about them in Elle & Femina (from their website) which said they are not exhorbitant. So all the more reason to check them out. I'm suddenly wishing I was in Bangalore. Or that they came here to Bombay.

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