Karen Ingram

Friday, April 10, 2009

I am just so floored and inspired to see Karen Ingram's work. There is so much honesty is the 'hand drawn' which I find myself attracted to hugely. Karen is a celebrity in the art/web world & her fascination with all things web began with "a simple desire to make her drawings move". She's not looked back ever since & from curating to judging at the AIGA and the Webby's she's done it all. For me starting to use the computer for my art meant that I didn't really sketch for many many years (that's changing now-ye!) but Karen has just sketched and drawn & that is what really marks her work apart. I can see the pencil strokes, the sinews of each hand drawn line in each of her work. Check this link to see some vintage Karen Ingram. It will give you a real feel of her work. Do read an interview of hers in the 'Flash Goddess' here. It gives a great insight into the person she is.
She has this fascination with birds.

Makes me want to run to my sketchbook.
Aung San Suu Kyi
Do click on this pic to see a larger version
Her postcard series
Her postcard series
Her postcard series
Her postcard series
more post cards

her gorgeous sketchbook. What talent.
And here is my favourite piece of work. Notice how she twirls a strand of hair in her fingers.

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