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Thursday, April 09, 2009

I find myself drawn repeatedly to these homes which have vast vistas of the outdoors coming in, either by way of views or more drastically by way of the way they are built. I just want to shut my eyes & walk into one of these pictures & stay there. Probably it comes from a life time of living in a city, where one is constantly cramped for space, a lifetime of calling two and a half rooms your home. So instead of finding a middle space & dreaming of a bigger home, there is this urge to slip into a fantasy of sprawling pristine spaces. And these images provide complete fodder to my mental meanderings.
an infinity pool overlooking a green countryside and a distant farmhouse
a pool by the seaside
i can be here for a lifetime reading, sketching & blogging :)
i love the generous sun streaming in through the panes
someone take me here now!
Just check out this floor which retains the natural texture of smooth rocks with white floor just poured in. Genius.
sipping a drink by the sea
I just know there are vast vistas of the open beyond this passage
If a corner is this interesting, imagine the rest....
I have a thing for high ceilings, glass panes & light streaming through


Think of sleeping here & waking up in the early hours.... man...
All images from the portfolio of fantabulous photographer Nicolas Matheus.

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