Shilo Suleman

Monday, April 13, 2009

Shilo Suleman has to be one of the most interesting & talented people I have met online. A peek into her blog is all you need as evidence. She writes and draws and records her travels with the most whimsical sketches and to read her is to know she looks at everything with different eyes & sees things that remain hidden to most of the world. These pictures drawn by her is the tip of the iceberg, to see the rest, we'll need to watch out for her. Her blog has a recent video she's done & all sorts of other amazing things she is upto.

Hot off the press: One of the spreads from a Children's book she is doing for Karadi Tales.
Do pick one once its out in the market.
the right side of the same page

One of her super interesting god series. See the rest on her blog

"And the Head priest asks for a portrait of Hanuman.
Who lifted mountains and set islands
on fire.
On seeing it he asks for 2000 prints for every hanuman temple in Hampi."
'Vasantsena from "mrittakatika"
From a "A littul book I worked on as a final project for an Indian Literature course. :)"

"Kattacodita - 'as if impelled by destiny'
Third time I've found myself in hampi in a span of 6 months.
I'm called to those ruins
like tide to moon. like moon to silver.
Everything I touch turns to stone. Watching the Sun set over the river.
The River too is carved by the moon."

"After 56.5 long hours of intensive travel by air,train,bus and shared cabs we found ourselves in gangtok. The roads were long. Calcutta was beauty broken down.blackouts.reservation counters.Yellowtaxis.Kohl lined eyes. kali at every corner. The city of joy.
Calcutta was red.wasbrown. was smoke curling. was bodies burning. Summer sinks its teeth into our flesh. Lost. Alive." Shilo Suleman
There is so much art and soul in her work & she works because she must, because she can never stop. When I see her work & read her I know her work comes from something as fundamental to her as breathing. Do read her blog "Across the universe" when you have time. You won't want to stop in a hurry.

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