Indiaaah! Jaipur, City Palace

Monday, April 06, 2009

Indiaah! is the new series I'm starting on this blog. The whole idea is to bring under this everything I feature that is unique to India. A lot of my previous posts do come under this category, but 'Indiaah' will also feature a lot of Indian culture, Indian street art, folk and classical art forms and maybe some Indian food too who knows! But what I do need to know from you, my regular readers, is how often do you want to see an 'Indiaah!' post. 2 times a week? or once a week or maybe one in 2 weeks. Do write to me about this. Apart from the people who regularly comment, I'm also asking so many of you who read this and don't normally comment.
Now with the introductions out of the way, We'll get on with our 1st Indiaah! post for today :) Ye!!
The Indiaah signage/identity which will appear on the right hand side bar

Today's Indiaah post will be on City Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan.
The normally pristine white marble engraved exterior was all decked up for a wedding when I last went.
The elegant and vast central courtyard
These lanterns were in lieu of the wedding
as was this red stringed canopy

The City Palace Cafe is a great place to hang out and have a steaming cup of tea with freshly fried Bhajias (which is exactly what we did :)

There were these dimensional windows with little painted parrots, right next to our tea table

The passage surrounding the 1st floor of the cafe, details.
A beautiful metal & wood door
This image of guns arranged like a flower is perhaps one of City palaces most memorable identities.
Love the affect of white on peach, so elegant.
And now for the stunners. And the reason why I went this time & will go many more times to this palace. The 4 season doors, that open into the courtyard. This door is all about greenery.
A closer look will show you the many hues of green that go to make this green entrance
The lotus entrance. I have such respect for the designers/artisans who did this. Just look at the different interpretations od the lotus, from buds, to petals to full blooming lotus's.
The floral rose entrance
a close up- unlike the other gates, this one is not restored as yet & shows the effects of time
And finally the magnificent peacock entrance.
do click on the image to see a larger version
the many gorgeous metal doors that lead to the courtyard
one of the many golden gates.
Do tell me what you feel about this series & how often you'd like to see an Indiaah! post on this blog. I'd like to thank all the people who take the time to comment here & say that your comments and feed back is what really makes this blog and blogging so rewarding for me :)

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