Saturday, April 18, 2009

Morocco is a place that has so much fascination for me. Maybe because of its similarity with India in so many ways and its dissimilarity too. I just find myself gravitating to its pictures, its artistry, its architechture. I was generally looking for some Morocco on flickr and these pictures really caught my eye & I must share them with you. Armchair travel can always precede the real trip, can't it? I just realised that this sounded like I'm off to Morocco in the near future, not really :(

This country is so rich in colours and artistry.
These stunning photographs are all from Christian Laheyne's flickr photostream. You must really check it out. His is the most generous and voluble set of pictures I saw on Morocco.
And the great thing is like me he likes the details & shoots them.

"El Jadida - The Portuguese founded Mazagan fortress around 1506. The city itself was fortified from 1542 and thanks to a large belt of thick walls, it became a redoubtable citadel." Christian Laheyne

Volubilis by Christian Laheyne or Clic clac on flickr

This was another flickr stream where I saw some amazing pictures of Morocco. Do click here to see all of atsjebosma's Morocco set.
There is so much art in the regular streets of Morocco.
These pictures are from the very talented Daniele Beferas neat flickr stream. And you can click here to see some of his stunning photography.

And this set of pictures by Neil from took my breath away.
These pictures of Chefchouen remind me so much of the blue streets of Jodhpur. Its uncanny.

So much colour! And isn't this the cutest visual?

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