Full colour Bedrooms

Friday, April 24, 2009

Its bedtime here & I've never been more eager to just knock off. Tomorrow is such a busy, busy, busy day that I refuse to even think of it now. Instead we'll look at some rather beautiful bedrooms & because its me its all super colourful. Here's wishing you some technicolour dreams!

Retro colour pop
the wooden screen rocks this room!
colour, colour which colour do you choose? :)
Neon green! Full on!
This HAS to be the most gorgeous wall I've seen in a loooong time!
Moroccan Blue!
The super bright colours on the bed are set of beautifully by the neautral grey-blue wall
Loved the Kerala saree canopy on this traditional bed
different shades of a super strong colour
What in interesting headboard!
And finally a pristine white bed in a red room
All images from Marie Claire Maison.

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