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Sunday, April 05, 2009

The power of beauty. Is something the photographers & stylists at Musubi understand and weild well. I assume the site is Korean/Japanese, I have no clue actually. But the credits below these pictures were different on the Musubi site & therefore this is not the work of one photographer. But what work, whether by one or many, what brilliance in picture after picture. A great reference site for sylists & art directors alike.

Osamu Yokonami

Osamu Yokonami
Akira Kitajima
Shinichi Masumoto
Shinichi Masumoto
Fumiko Shibata
Shinichi Masumoto
L.A Tomari
Fumio Doi
And apart from seeing all this eyecandy, I have today had the privilege of typing out some really different sounding names on this blog. We are truly becoming a smaller world. Nice :)

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