WelcomHeritage Mandir Palace Hotel, Jaisalmer

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rajasthan holds such beautiful memories for me and it is always a pleasure to browse through my photographs from then. We landed in Jaisalmer and headed straight to the Mandir Palace where we were booked. I was anxious to see the place as we saw only tiny pixelated and not very well taken pictures when we made our bookings. The place fortunately turned out A LOT better than we'd imagined. We had a lovely stay at this old Palace. And it was great fun walking the corridors in the morning taking pictures before we set out for the day.
"Jaisalmer, with its fairytale-like sandstone Fort rearing out of the desert outpost, is famous for its rich and elaborate 'havelis', erstwhile mansions of the wealthy merchants that conducted a brisk and very profitable trade while Jaisalmer was on the caravan route."
"WelcomHeritage Mandir Palace is one such haveli where the exquisite stone carvings make it second to none. The main portion of the two centuries old WelcomHeritage Mandir Palace was built during the reign of the late Maharawal Jawahir Singh. This Heritage Palace offers a unique combination of medieval charm with modern amenities."
The entrace to Mandir PalaceTo the left

And the right (love that scooter parked there)
Outside in the complex, when we went there were horses and cows grazing
On entering we go the the 1st level from where we enter the rooms

We went up these stairs to our rooms- Isn't that Balcony gorgeous?
And this is how the balcony looks from inside

We looked around to see elaboratly carved walls and Jharokhas everywhere

One of the passages that lead to the rooms
What a view we got of the imposing Jaisalmer fort from the terrace dining. The lit area you see to the right are where performers bring alive Rajasthan for you (singers and puppeteers)
The Place lit up beautifully each night. The golden sandstone of Jaisalmer looks unspeakably romantic at night.

My favourite wall art from the palace.
Coming up next is the bedroom suite where we stayed!

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