Bangalore, Plumtree and an Art Gallery

Friday, January 08, 2010

My recent trip to Bangalore had me meeting up with the super talented Priya Sebastian from the PlumTree blog. It was great meeting up with her cause from the word go it was clear we would get along like a house on fire. Over mounds of goey chocolate and many more unnameably(I'm told this word doesn't exist, but it fits so I will use it) sinful treats we chatted and laughed and spoke about our life and art. We met as fellow bloggers and parted as friends. What a ball we had man!

I love this picture of Priya taking pictures of what would soon disappear
Priya told me very inspiring stories from her art college days in Australia & I spoke of my journey in advertising. There was no awkwardness & it certainly didn't feel like we were meeting for the 1st time. I was meeting the same Priya who tells the truth like few others can and she was so down to earth and easy to be with. I really didn't expect us to laugh so much together- but thats exactly what we did.
While this....
....became this :) and then totally vanished

Thereafter we strolled into this leafy art gallery called the Time & Space Gallery (click the link to see better pics of the gallery)

Love the sun spill

We saw some art and met Susan George from the Gallery.
In the garden was this pretty sculpture. Priya took me to the very chic Cinnamon after this. Coming up Cinnamon!

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