HAPPY 2010!!!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

New years are such fun, so filled with summaries and summations and stocktaking and above all filled with the thing that keeps us all going- HOPE and EXPECTANCY, of good things to come, of opportunities, of thing we will get right this time round.It means reading horoscopes and predictions, looking back at how we floundered and all that we gained. Its impossible to pass through the new year without unwittingly making resolutions- ya, ya, we make them we break them & its better we dont tell anybody about them, but silently, we affirm to ourselves- this is what will definitely change and this is what will grow. And this will GO. So here's my list of things I hope for and look forward to.
Work- lots of it, happy making, new, challenging and fun work. I want to surprise myself. I want to experiment.
Travel - To new places, to dream destinations and unexpected ones too.
Discipline - there I've said it- the D word. This year I want discipline to be easy for me.
Beauty- loads of it- in my work, in my life and mainly in my eyes.
Talking of beauty, its great fun to read the many blogs and decor sites doing an annual round up of their content and I was looking at Apartment Therapy's most popular home tours- its listed by the month and great fun to look at!

Artistic Adobe in Philadelphia

I love how every piece is so clearly a 'find'
This is such beautiful crockery!
Just check that screen out
Love the arrangement of the plates and the symmetry of it all
And this is the house that really struck me with its bold design
This 650 sq foot home in California gets my vote for optimum use of space- it looks SO BIG.

The use of red here adds so much drama to the otherwise black n white colour scheme.
So cheerful & so cozy-aaah happiness....
Last year I had written that 2009 for me will be about change. I didn't know how true that will be. Whatever it was that made me write that, I truly believe in the power of the written word, so do take a minute and share with us what you hope 2010 will be like for you- and go ahead make it BIG :)

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