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Monday, January 11, 2010

Stopped dead on my tracks when I saw these photographs on flickr. Elizabeth Maxson has a phenomenal talent in decorating vintage style. And whats more she is one of the few people who unstintingly shares how she goes about acheiving it. And I'm partial to anyone who describes herself thus :) "I am a happily married woman who shares her creative spirit through interior design, writing, photography, consulting, and travels. My main goal is to inspire and encourage women. And to always give credit to God. It is He who gave me all my creative skills in the first place."
Cozy Dinner For Two on New Years Eve with the theme of A Moment in Time.
She created this
from this!
"Texture, texture, texture is the name of the game. Burlap, tin, marble, silver, wood, lace, and glass all play a role in this romantic scene. You can’t have too much texture." Elizabeth Maxson
"The magic of candles and lots of fabric still continues to amaze me. Old clocks, old books, candles, and what else you can find and just pile it all up." Elizabeth M

"Simple candle sticks placed in a silver tea pot creates instant romance. Remember to use dripless candles."Elizabeth Maxson
"For height, use tin sap buckets, or French flower buckets (found at your local hobby store) and place candles on them. Be sure to house the candle in a glass holder for safety." Elizabeth Maxson

You can see Elizabeths other decor projects here on her HGTV space.
She has a special way with creating luxurious french style bedding.

"My friend found these little dolls in her attic when they moved in. I thought they would be perfect on the chandelier." - Elizabeth M
"He wanted clean lined, simple and not fussy. She wanted French, frilly, and girly. What's a designer to do? He got the black, heavy wooden furniture with straight lines. She got the beautiful bedding, but no lace. "- Elizabeth M
"Custom bedding I designed. Masculine colors and fabrics with an elegant design for her." Elizabeth M
All photographs from Elizabeth's blogs and her flickr. Click on her flickr to see her latest vintage kitchen project- its brilliant.

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