Ecstasy, Chennai

Monday, January 04, 2010

I love circles. I'm totally partial to them, so it was with delight that I walked into this patisserie in Chennai called Ecstasy. Pristine white space, minimalism and a circlular aesthetic. Works.

The glass door slides open to let you in.
On the far wall holds the signature with these dots forming a randomly beautiful pattern

Ecstasy’s design reflects a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

Loved this chandelier from which hang handwritten testimonies by customers

And finally the goodie counter where pastry is art and everything is placed to perfection
To Mickaël Besse, the chef, cooking is a personal philosophy, passion and way of life. Since he began his culinary career, the journey has taken him from his French roots to other European countries, the Americas, Asia and borders beyond.“My main motivation and focus is to arouse your interest and surprise your taste buds.”
Yummilicious cookie jars.
Needless to say, everything we ate here was created masterfully and with love and it completely showed.

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