The craft stalls of Hornbill Festival

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Naga's are highly skilled people. The way they weave and the myraid ways in which they use bamboo is ample evidence of this fact. The other things that the naga's are so famous for is their colourful bright & bold beaded jewellery. Taking you through a quick tour of the craft stalls at the Hornbill festival. It is not often that one gets to see so much new stuff in one go. And as is ones habit, you always end up comparing what you see to all that you have known as crafts from other parts of India & both the similarities and the differences amaze you.
loved the human pyramid totem.
The Naga's have a way with wood.


this reminds me so much of the basketry in Kerala.

I was just asking how much it was for and she so readily modelled the jewellery, this was a set, and she quickly wore all of it to show me. Sometimes language barriers have their advantages :)
I picked up one of these earrings worn by the AO naga tribe. They are stunning arent they?

The famous thick Naga weaves. The patters are almost all geometric in bold colours. Mostly red, black with a touch of grey or white.

Perhaps the only few flowers you will see on this blog. Loved the skill with which the women had made these flowers - so beautiful.

with dried twiggs and seeds.

I envy Ritika who is travelling to each of these places. Sigh...

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