Than, a monastry in the wilderness.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Around 60 kms from Bhuj is a beautiful deserted Hindu monastry called THAN. There is a stillness and calm that hangs in the air which is strangely in contrast with the brightly painted peeling walls, some of them almost theatrical. Most of the chandeliers are now nests for birds and you see a few old keepers of the place going about their life with a manner that suggests a calmness about the state of affairs. This place really had me wondering about how it must have been buzzing with devotees, lights and flowers. And how quiet it is now.

We actually had to squeeze through the gates and these guys. They just wouldn't budge :)
Poojas are still performed in this temple

After all the white washed walls inside, the minute you stepped in, the colours took over.

And to our complete surprise, the 1st floor rooms were painted intricately and there was a nest inside every chandelier :) :)

We can try and try and never acheive this effect

It was a hot hot day & we were literally jumping on the roasted terrace as we shot this (its a temple, so our shoes were out). Job done, we quickly ran down to the shade.
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