Romancing the accessory, Naga style.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I know much Nagaland has already happened on this blog. And for a while more I promise I will give this blog a Naga break, for now sharing with you this post I made for last week: The feathered, twilled, knitted, wound, tufted, coloured, detailed head pieces that graced every single male head, was hard to ignore. As was the beaded, coloured, shelled and furred accessories that graced their necks and arms. If i wanted details I was given more than I could take in a day. I clicked furiously, trying to capture as much as I could. I mean how much newness and richness of tradition can you taken in one go. But the Naga traditions just are, glorious, and you had better make your peace with that. "Deal with it" like they say. Giving you a glimpse of all that was on display at the annual Hornbill Festival, where each of the 14 odd tribes from the state come and perform in their full, ritual glory.

One more post and this blog will be up to date with my weekly contribution to Bhuj coming up next.

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