Naga Women, Hornbill Festival.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Its clearly the peacock syndrome. While the men are decked out in the brightest, loudest, boldest costumes, the women are quieter and their costumes less dramatic. They are graceful and pretty & bejewelled nevertheless. While this is true of the ancient Naga dresscode, thankfully the contemporary Naga woman has a pretty sharp sartorial sense. But we are talking of the Hornbill festival here. So over to the women there.

This girl was sitting demurely and having her portrait drawn by a tourist :)

Its is beautiful to see how distinctly they are all dressed.

This lady was so happy and proud as she looked on at the boys and girls in her Morung
It was really cold & the sun has begun to set, the girls got into their shrugs one by one.
Coming up next is the Morungs/huts the Naga's lived in and a few glimpses of Kohima.

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