Off to Nagaland!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

People, I'm headed out to Nagaland tomorrow morning to be part of the exciting Hornbill Festival- Yippie YE!!! I have to share the story of how this trip came about and how I am going only because of this blog(and therefore all of you). I had blogged about Mora and the super talented Ritika Mittal. I also wrote in my post that I spoke to her, infact we hit it off so well that I suggested to her that I feel like joining her during her extended stay in the North East & she said COME! It was as simple as that. Ofcourse it took working around dates, finalising my tickets, but it is happening guys! And only because I wanted to speak to her to meet her & get a better perspective on her work- why? because I write this blog. So I do feel grateful & excited about heading to Kohima. It is a long journey, but oh so worth it.
Wanted to leave you all with some beautiful imagery of Nagaland and I stumled on the legendary photographer Timothy Allen's work.
And just as I was to post some images here, I read "All photography is copyright © Timothy Allen and images may not be reposted." And no time to ask for permissions. But do click the BBC Photography blog by him & have your brains blown.
Meantime this is a picture I googled- couldn't leave you without an image now :)
I will be back with a lot of pictures and stories about the amazing Nagaland & its festival. Adios people!

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