Festive times

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm really enjoying this festive break & after a long time I'm resting and relaxing and getting so inspired by seemingly everything :) I'm back to browsing the net (which just happens to be my most favourite activity) and finding gems daily. This is one: zen habits. Its a great site and I'm sure has something for whoever is reading it. I happened to read it at what seemed like the perfect time for me.
Diwali the festival of lights, is a time for dolling up, stuffing your face & meeting up with friends. All of which has happened. Some happy clicking from home :)

I had this wooden engraved tibetan chant and the sun-moon motif from my last trip to Himachal 3 years back. It finally went up on the wall.
Along with this painting gifted to me by the powerhouse of talent Zaheer Mirza
I picked up these beaded mirrored curtains - just a few of them to add the festive bling. I love the dancing circular lights they throw in the sun.
Talking of dolling up, it struck me that my ethnic jewellery might be fun to shoot
And what a ball I had arranging it with a wooden tray my maroon table mat.
This Diwali card just arrived today - I loved the print and the theme

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