Whispering Groves

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I just had to share this place with you guys! We had headed for a day long outdoor shoot- to this place called Kolaad which was a 2 hour drive from Bombay. Our production team had booked this plac, called 'Whispering Groves'. It was superbly interesting & very very dusty. We were to park our stuff here for the day. The client who had come along tried to look cool & downplay the place's effect on him, My model declared that its ideal for sitting down & smoking up. The lady whose place this was was promptly dubbed 'Voodoo Aunty'. But just look at this place...! It's crazy - I've never seen another place which is done up quite like this. In parts tacky, in parts whimsical, wholly rough & rustic.

This was the common seating/lounge area.

Take a wild guess at what the design on the door could be made of - its thermocol.

I just completely loved this beautiful antique 2 seater- look at its winged backrest- gorgeous!

I loved the light here.

A portion of the restroom.
Im really curious to know what each of you thinks of this :)

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