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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

There is something about visiting a well put together home. And as decor enthusiasts, no one can understand this better than us :) Through the years there have been many such spaces that I have seen and been inspired by. And I thought it might be a great idea to share such homes with you. The 1st in this series is going to be Reshom Majumdar's place. Reshom and I go back a long way & she is responsible for starting in me what later grew into a complete decor obsession. Her sense of style is unfailingly elegant and understated.

Im very glad i called her when i did for this feature, she told me to quickly take the pictures cause she was changing the decor. So we both agreed its a great idea to capture it for posterity :) and here it is. And yes, that means you all also get to see how it looks after she has redone it all :)
'Lokhir sora' from Bengal, lamps from 'Good Earth' and 'Auhona' (Reshoms daughter's name) announce that this will be an interesting space.

The 1st glimse of her Living room. Pretty plants dot the windows through which the light streams in.

The 'Shiva' from Bali. This is my favourite piece in a house filled with pretty things in every corner.

Note the Shakti Burman painting and a classic suspended glass bowl.

Reshom's piano that came from her Calcutta home.

Antique teak wood chairs below a painting done by Reshom's mother who is an artiste in her own right.

The other end of the hall that faces the windows. Reshom and her husband Basab Majumdar are voratious readers. Note the 2 panels that have been cut out of the wall to make 2 bookshelves.

Framed on the wall are broadway & film publicity posters &Tintin covers

More bengal antique furniture- teak sideboard. Isn't this piece beautiful?

Her love for art is evident in this 'Durga and ganesh' painting by Siddhant Ghosh, framed bengal folk art & the the Jamini Roy print.

Telephone stands needn't be boring. This one holds a pretty glass bowl with flowers and candles.

Ceramic plates which the couple have collected from across Europe & France.

The bedroom in soothing shades of blue. The bed is an antique teak wood piece.

Its all in the details.

Tucked into the back of the bedroom is this cozy balcony which which holds a dressing table at one end and a book shelf at the other.

The sunny-happy rest-room

Auhona's cheery pink and yellow bedroom

And cheerier bath. Reshom has stencilled shells & sea creatures onto the door to complete its marine theme. The tiles and the shower curtains are all 'fishy' :)

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