Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Books. Ideas. Designs. Ideas. Designs. Books. These words are inextricably linked in my mind. Yet, bring the 3 words together & the solution is innovative. And completely surprising in result. I came across these pictures on Justin J Travis's photostream on flickr and got completely blown away.

Yes, you are seeing right. No, its not a dummy or model or mock up. Its a real building. In fact it is the KC Central Public Library, in Baltimore, US.

Here's proof :)

Just look at this detailing.

I saw this and I immediately remembered this design by a hugely talented colleague Tasneem Ali.
Isn't this a sexy piece of packaging design? Tasneem designed this for a range of assorted chocolates for 'Birdy's' and called it Chocolate Stories.

They are stacked like this in the 'Birdy's' outlets.

Details of the design.

"The true creative act is something else. It produces something that never existed before. Whether of small consequence or amazing significance, its usually generated by a spontaneous insight. A glimpse of the blindingly obvious ignited by the heat off wires caused by short circuiting thoughts. Insight is unreasoning" - Alan Fletcher, The Art of Looking Sideways.

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