Elphinstone College, Mumbai

Friday, August 31, 2007

Fort area in south of Bombay, now Mumbai, lays out an array of Victorian Architectural examples building after building. A legacy from our colonial history, its a good anti-thesis to all that this city has grown to stand for over the years. Much like your average Bombayite, yours truly, had no clue about the history or the reasons-to-be of this building, apart from the knowledge that it was recently restored by the KalaGhoda Association. But devotion to eyecandy and a flickr induced photography obsession made sure I captured Elphinston College and wrote about it here.

"Finely articulated stone balconies, brackets and balustrades along with intricately designed surface motifs add to the decorative features of the building. With an imposing facade and skyline, it is among the select list of Grade I Heritage buildings in the city, meriting careful restoration and preservation of its historic fabric. " For more history and information click here

"This majestic building was designed by Trubshaw and Khan Bahadur Muncherjee Murzban in the 1880's. Originally meant to house the Government Central Press, it was completed by John Adams, Executive Engineer to the Bombay Government at a total cost of Rs 7,50,000 (Rupees seven and a half lakhs) which included a substantial sum donated by Sir Cowasjee Jehangir. The building was used for academic activities from April 1888. "

"The College building has been nominated for UNESCO's Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation for the year 2004."
"The rich library of the college has a collection of over one lakh books, journals and periodicals. Its range is vast - from some of the oldest and rarest books in the country to the latest and the contemporary."

A passage which is sealed off so that it doesn't become thoroughfare.

The details- which make all the reasons-to-be secondary.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

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