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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I said I liked type. But i absolutely love it in decor. Where it steps out from books, posters and crawls across walls, climbs onto mantlepieces and stamps itself onto the kitchen shelf. Here are some examples of how awesome type and letters can look in places where they traditionally dont belong ;)

Metal alphabets sit pretty on the side board.

Theres Lots on the Table and some on the wall as well

Mounted on walls. The collage format allows for a variety of styles.

A statement in the craftroom

Good enough to display.

I died when i saw this. This is complete art & 'converted' from a road side find by the supremely talented decor experts Wary Meyers.

Funky work cabinets.

Cushion art.

Decoupage is a very DIY way of getting type into your home.

I tried my hand at decoupage at my place. One is using vintage ads and the other has my favourite poetry on it.

This is Devi Garh a resort in Rajasthan from the blog 'an indian summer'

More of 'devanagiri' script on walls of Indian homes.

And this is probably the simplest way of getting type & the magic of letters home.
Just have it in your art. I truly love the work of Christine Mason Miller

This is a very wise voice & graceful work.
You can even consider buying some of her paintings here.

Isn't this bright, cheery & so doable?

You can frame film posters, old vintage advertisements, all of which is available at chor bazaar. Chor bazaar is going to be another BIG post, Im just waiting for the rains to stop before I am headed to that treasure trove with my camera.

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