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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

When i discovered Dhruti Dogra's 'Handmade in ISA Store' through decor8 ( she won a contest there), my first thought was- beautiful work, showcased in a superbly packaged site- therefore must be an Indian store in Canada or someplace abroad. Handmade in Isa Store is filled with contemporary designs in scrumptuous fabrics, browns, greys & stylised bird & leaf motifs. And if what a lot of blogs like decor8 & oh joy are featuring is anything to go by then this trend is very hot in international decor.
So what a surprise to discover that the Isa store is in Delhi! The brain, brawn & soul behind Isa, Dhruti says "I studied fashion at NIFT Delhi and then moved to textiles….so perhaps because of my background my approach to home textiles is with an eye to fashion… "





And now for the superbly designed site that showed me all of this.

"Isa is the lord of the universe. It is his presence that makes our home complete. He is in the details that incarnate a house into a home. Isa is a way of life represented by handmade collections by master weavers, craftsmen and embroiders who integrate age old techniques with modern lifestyle trends and in turn create accessories to make your home your own private heaven. These include fabrics, bedlinen, cushions, curtains and much more. So when you come to Isa, you know you are on your way home. "

The site also has artists, Indian recipes, travel nuggets. Its a pleasue to navigate- have fun :)

Artist 'Thota Vaikuntam' is featured. Im a complete fan of his work- very graphic & indian style.

Dal Makhani recipe for foodies

The site is designed by Illum design, Dhruti's husbands company. What a superbly talented design duo!

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