Leenata Shah's Art.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Leenata's art is a celebration of texture of colour of detail, of curves and curls. And it is amazing to see how her love and attention reaches and fills every part of the canvas, creating an experince which can be meditative for the viewer and for the non-meditators (yes I made it up :)), it can be a trip into the amazon with you finding your way through the maze of textures, the abundance of treasures. And for all this in each painting the message is clear and yet open to interpretation. Strong and graceful, symbolic and lyrical.

You have seen Leenata's gorgeous ex-office here and here. Its been amazing to be part of each others journey and to see the other preparing for this exhibition, in between all our other work & committments.
And if you are a fan of her work like I am, Art Bazaar is the place to be headed to, this Sunday, the 24th of July, 4pm to 1am. Yes, the Bazaar is open late into the night.

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