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Monday, March 08, 2010

Lotuses painted lovingly on carefully cracked walls. Sea weeds undulating on side tables, tortoise shelled staplers and animal themed chairs are things you wont see in your everyday office. Yet this is exactly the ambience that Leenata Shah has managed to create for her office space. Leenata is one of the nicest and most creative people I know. And for the better part of last year, most of our mutual friends were telling me about it. So finally I went across to her place and spent an entire afternoon taking pictures of this place where no corner was left ignored. Colours of the furniture and stationary were co-ordinated and each pencil and box and statue and accessory was collected across the years from wherever Leenata went.
Carefully textured and cracked walls with handpainted LotusesUtility corners are also given due attention

Leenata had bought the Rajasthani Box I designed from my exhibition & it now sits behind her Buddha

Custom made chairs
I just wanted to end this post with this picture. This office also has a beautifully decorated kitchen and bedroom which are coming up in the next post :) So watch this space. Leenata also takes on interior styling assignments. So if you are looking at someone to transform your space you can contact her on write2leenata@gmail.com

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