Mumbai's Heritage Buildings

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is what I miss most about not going to work to my ex-office. I miss stepping out of work to walk among the stately old buildings of South Bombay. I miss walking into Jehangir art Gallery whenever I have the time. I miss walking among buildings that belong to another century and have a history older than my grandparents. I miss the grace, grandeur and the quiet dignity of colonial architechture. So when I went for a meeting to town and remembered that it was a public holiday, I was really happy that I had my camera along. Sundays and public holidays are the best days to really enjoy a walk around Bombay's( I can never get around to saying Mumbai) Fort area. Vast and empty broad roads edged by beautiful buildings. Happiness.
The KalaGhoda parking lot is surrounded by the Army Navy Building, David Sassoon Library on one side, Jehangir art Gallery, Rhythm House and the Khyber Restaurant on the other. Each of these an institution in itself.
Looking up the Neo-Classic Army Navy Building
A spot of shopping in Westside is a great break from all that strolling around in the white hot Bombay heat.
Cobbled stoned pathways through arched passages
The Famous David Sassoon Library from across the road.
A closer look up the central entrance arch
Knessel Eliyahoo, one of the many old synangogue's in the city. A large part of the Jewish community in India lives in Mumbai.
Here's where I hopped into a cab to head home, happy about the pictures I clicked - I'd wanted to do this for so long.

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