Monday, March 15, 2010

Leenata - Office Decor Part 2

In the last post you saw the saw the main office section of Leenata Shah's office apartment. And here is the adjoining bedroom and small but beautiful kitchen. Leenata's sense of colour and detailing is what really makes these rooms come alive.
Reds and deep pinks give the bedroom a sophisticated and luxurious feel. And the same room when dressed with lighter colours can look SO different. Note the way the yellows and whites just open up the space so dramatically.
What a smart way to frame the Gods. Instead of the standard gold and gilded frames, Leenata has chosen regular, clean lines and clustered same sized frames for a very contemporary effect.

Its all in the details.
These kitchen cabinet doors get my vote - with the fork and spoon handles and check how Leenata has framed different prints in patches.


Deepa Raman said...

love the pics....colourful..well detailed... :)

Dithi said...

Love the way Leenata has added character to this office-apartment, the Gods-in-the-photo-frames, the kitchen cabinet, the hand-crafted much love in all that detailing and looks so pretty!

Vineeta,really enjoyed the captions and the way you have presented each photo.

Patricia Torres said...

awesome pics.... What a gorgeous place!!

A Foody said...

This is one good place...well decorated and has something special look and feel.

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

love love the painted cabinets!

Design IQ said...

What a great space !!! Every single item is so interesting :) Absolutely loved the unique kitchen that she has.

Thanks for this Vineeta !!---you have presented the pics really well

bhumika said...

Just when i thought i'd seen how creative Leenata's space is, i get a bigger better dose of the same.

absolutely love it :)

Geeta Krishna said...

Hi, Vineeta
I'm a big fan of your blog. The new look of your blog is beautiful.
Geeta Krishna

vineeta said...

Dithi, Design IQ,
Thanx for noticing :) It takes time- but i think its worth it :)

Bhumika, hope Leenata reads this :)

Geeta - thanx!

Dithi said...

The snap that says ''Uniquely earthy accessories'' has a male and female wooden accessory set in the table on either side of that beautiful box. Are those paper,cutters or something? Would love to know where they are from and also a little more about that box if possible. Really pretty stuff!

leenata said...

i would like to thank all you lovely people for the appreciation. i have put in my heart n soul into the details of this space and am so grateful to vineeta for showcasing it so beautifully.

hi dithi, the wooden pieces are a pair of unique door stoppers i picked from turquoise, a store in bandra.

ArtPropelled said...

LOve the Gods in the photoframes!