ART BAZAAR is here!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I am really happy to be part of ART BAZAAR, cause along with me are a bunch of my really close friends. I cannot tell you how happy I am feeling right now, because for the longest time we have admired each others work & encouraged each other and here we finally come together for a show. Isn't that neat?
So Mugdha & Amresh Mondkar will come from Dubai to launch their brand HAPPY ( the next post is dedicated to them).

Manta Ray comics is coming to Bombay, with their most powerful graphic novel called HUSH. Hush will be available at the Happy Stall.

Riddhi desai, who I shared the stall with for my very 1st exhibition (She made these pretty books remember?) is coming down from Chennai and is also launching her brand called Tinyfarm, which has a range of paper and textile products like cushion covers, mats, kitchen towels and so much more.

Neha Gandhi from Matsya will be there with her treasure trove of Indian handicrafts.
No Nasties, the funky tshirt brand with an eco heart will also be there. Had a chat with the inspiring Apurva Kothari half of the brand. Post coming up!
Leenata whose old office I showcased here on this blog is exhibiting her paintings. A post on her work is coming up as well - yes, yes, I know that's one hell of a lot of posts, but yes, coming up!!
And now you have the address and so many reasons for coming. I will be there with my products, looking forward to meeting you :) Come! :)

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