Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy to present 'HAPPY' a spanking new brand that is about to get launched at the ART BAZAAR this coming Sunday, in Bandra, Bombay. I couldn't have thought of a better brand name for the brand thats created by one of the 2 happiest people I have had the privilege to meet. Founded by Amresh & Mugdha Mondkar- design & husband-wife duo, Happy products include fun filled fridge magnets, button badges, tote bags, candles, mugs, dairies and posters.
But what makes their products really work for me is that each one of them unfailingly makes me smile when I see it. This brand walks its talk, happily :)
I love that their concepts and styling strike that delicate balance between homey-cosey and yet international

This set sits on my fridge and my young cousins got their kicks out of rearranging them all the time.

Cuteness, thy name is HAPPY :)

Wishing you guys a lot of Happiness & come grab your share at ART BAZAAR
The good news is they also do customised gifting solutions for wedding, birthdays & corporate events.

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