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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Once Upon a Tea Time... Design stories is a blog to watch out for and is quickly becoming a favourite with me for many reasons. Not the least of them being that she is great photographer who shares snapshots of her home every once in a while on her blog. Beautifully composed shots of her pretty tea cups and unique kettles collected with care over the years. Priya's love for her home and art shows in the way books abound on her shelves and frames decorate every wall. A scientist by profession, Priya's blog is an extension of her art filled home.

I'll begin the pics with Ganesha, with him there's no argument about what comes 1st - he does, period.

What really makes Priya's home special for me is her attention to detail. Its clear that she is a collector of things and yet the each has a place and its all comes together well. And thats a skill.

Like a self confessed tea lover should be, Priya is well accessoriesed with tea cups of every style...

(which also hold flowers from time to time)

...And kettles that span genres

And here's where the creative lady does all her blogging from :)

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