Dining across Magazines

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm a bit of a magazine addict. Ok, not a bit, I'm a Big magazine addict. It means I keep flipping through the pages again & again, lovingly. I photograph them obsessively, I cant get myself to throw old issues, and I cant even bring myself to tear sheets off. So they all remain on my shelves, piling, issue after issue, stack on stack. Recently I attempted organising my pictures & this post is the result. Here are some beautiful dining options, from old issues of House & Garden, and Elle Decor.
The bright table cloth enlives an otherwise neautral room
Such delicate chairs, painted a lovely shade of line green, around an antique table with a modern top & it all goes together beautifully.
That turquoise chandelier is such a beautiful contrast in this neautral room with shades of green.
Ok, this is not dining- but its still around a round table- I'm allowed to cheat a little :)
White + blue + clean lines = simply neat
Now for some really Indian dining settings.
Jivi Sethi's black, white and red dining
An all Indian traditional, but mix-n-match setting. Brass Lamps typical of Kerala & metal inlay plates from North India.

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