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Friday, March 19, 2010

Finally the Blogging Your Way e-Course by the phenomenal Holly of Decor8 has come to an end and that should tone down my obsessive 24x7 attitude towards the internet. Really. To say the course was fantastic, amazing etc etc would still be an understatement. Fact is that I don't yet realise all that it has given me. Not the least is the exposure to SO MANY blogs out there and the people behind them who are so talented and brilliant at what they do. The least I could do is to introduce all of you to a handful of them. It was a killer to handpick a few, so I suspect in the weeks to come there will be many more such posts. But for starters here are a few blogs, who've really made me want to keep going back to them. Some for their simplicity, some for their honesty and some for their tremendous power of the visual.

Miss B of the blah blah blahg is funny, intelligent and her posts make for one hell of a rollicking ride- depending on her mood for the day. But what makes Miss B special for me is that she is the brain behind The bright side Project. This website inspires you daily, with one free giveaway a day. Nice Huh? :)

I like 74 lime lane cause I can relate to this blog. And its inspiring because Kellie is so easily doing the things I aspire to do on this blog. Neat photography, nice layout, simple honest & non-fussy writing. And regular posting (did you hear that Vineeta? regular posting.)

I love Janine's eye and the way she shoots. But what I really love is the unassuming person behind her beautiful photographs. She's straight & from the heart. Jardino makes for a great read with some real cameracandy.
Made by girl. Jen Ramos is this super dynamic girl, who has her own online business and shares a lot of her life and experiences through her blog. It takes courage to do that & I really admire her for it. I admire her for living her life out there and really sharing the journey.

I love Leaca's sensibilities, I like the way Simply Blogged looks and i like the person who writes it and that she always comes through. I like like like. And her beautiful photography is an added bonus. Check out her Etsy here.

Joanna is a Swedish art director and it totally shows on simple blueprint. Joanna should have called her blog 'eyecandy station' or something. So much visual happiness in one place is almost too much to bear. I completely love her style. And if my own loud and bright style were to get muted one of these days, she would be one of the people to blame.

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