Georgianna Lane Photography

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Georgianna Lane is an brillaint photographer who I had the privilege to discover during my BYW e-course with Holly of Decor8. I find so much sensitivity, beauty and a certain delicacy in each of her pictures. They seem ethereal and like they come from another world uninhabited by clumsy humans. You must check out Georgianna's beautifully designed blog and as you flit from image to image you will chance upon her recordings of bird songs. To see her images with the chirping of birds as a background track is an something that cannot be explained. I would urge you to experince it.

When you see this image, one of the bird songs is not far off.

I particularly like this painterly series.

For experiencing more of Georgianna Lane's photography check her flickr, and to buy her images you can check her stock photography site or her Etsy.

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