Ahobila Muth, Chembur, Mumbai.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bombay holds in it many worlds. It has many faces and speaks many languages. So while South Bombay is all about colonial architechture and undertated old world elegance, as you go up north in the city, there are pockets which are distinctly Maharashrian, Gujarati, Parsee and south Indian in its ambience. Needles to say, this has much to do with the population of people living around it. In this city, there is a place for everyone, irrespective of where you are from. A few days back I was in Chembur, which has more than its fair share of south Indians and I passed Ahobila Muth, which is a beautiful though small example of south Indian temple architechture.

I love how all the colours come together in full saturation.
The juxtaposition of the traditional gold plated shikhara of the temple against the very modern glass facade is interesting, as is the fan right at the front.

The 'Shanka & Chakra on either side of the 'naamam' or tilak, is an omnipresent vaishnava symbol.
One wouldn't look at these pictures and associate them with Bombay/Mumbai. But they are an integral part of what forms this city and mainstays in the people's lives, who live around it. I'm sure there are so many people whose day is not complete without a visit to this temple.

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