Ghee Happy News again.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is clearly my week for India happiness, what with Meena Kadri & Arti Sandhu's exhibition I posted on last and my Rajasthan post. If I had any worries of this blog beginning to not have much to do with India here comes more design news with desi-ghee Indian goodness. I've written about Ghee Happy earlier & Sanjay Patel is back with a bang and a new book - Ramayana: Divine Loophole and a limited edition silk screen print called Burning Lanka. If Sanjay's work was beyond cute earlier, it now has a cutting edge. More than just a modern take on Indian mythology what makes Sanjay's work different is how approachable and humane he makes all of India's Gods & Goddesses.

Ghee Happy's New Book Ramayana - Divine Loophole. Its an interesting title.

This could be Dasharath, Lord Ram's father
Scenes of Ram & Sita in the forest
War scenes
There is so much power in these illustrations

The famous Ram-Ravan Yuddha or battleThis is Ghee Happy's earlier book on Indian Dieties
Limited edition Silk screen Print available on Pardon My Hindi
I really liked this beautful Vishnu with his many deadly weapons and deadlier smile :)

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