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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I have to share with you this new news- which is that I'm taking an e-course on blogging by my most favourite blogger and author of the iconic decor8. Holly is the person because of whom this blog exists and I have always been amazed by how she does what she does. Like I know that for me, much though I love blogging, there are times when I just dont have the time or the energy & truth be told even the inclination to blog. So when she announced the "Blogging Your way ecourse" I knew I'd sign up. Here is a woman who posts daily atleast twice and never once does she flag, no post seems just a quick thoughtless filler. And she always sounds like she speaks to me. How does someone pull this off 365 days of the year? I had to know. And the time seemed just right, I've quit my full time job to do what I love doing & blogging is one of them. And how the hell does an ecourse work??!! I had to know. And I will tell you this- this ecourse so far has been fully paisa wasool (meaning worth every penny) :)
And today I want to share with all of you one exercise which we've been told to do- create a mood board for your blog. Wow. the 1st mood board I ever created was for a competition Holly ran on her blog much before I started blogging. (You can see it here) And this is the second mood board I've made. This time for 'artnlight' the way I see it and what it stands for. It was really challenging. Cause I never went about this blog with any foresight or planning. And to think about what I want this blog to be therefore what pictures should go into this moodboard has been challenging to put it mildly. But I just pulled out images which anyway appealed to me, some of my design post cards, and things lying around at home & put this together. I think unwittingly it speaks of what this blog is about and what I am about.

I got so excited when I saw "world design meets India" put it in the center and my fav designs- "the world belongs to optimists" and "Doing the best in this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment" I've never said this - but this blog along with being about eyecandy is really about inspiration. I write this blog because I feel inspired to & if it in turn can inspire other person- what more can I ask for?

This one isn't the best picture, but this is how it looks in totality. Full colour kitschy and bright.
I'd happily keep each and every one of those cushions at home & those little blue birds are such beauties. One of my vintage car coasters.
Rajasthan love, a buddha head, a Jaipur blue pottery coaster and a kerala mural art paper weight.
I LOVED this silver and jewellery part, next to 'Abundance'. It was funny- though I dont feature much of jewellery on this blog- this was soo beautiful to edit out. I cut them up carefully from this Vogue I had lying at home & arranged it around this old invitation to an exhibition which I'd saved from a while ago. The word you see in orange is actually "warm" & not warn ;) An little Indian elephant on a metal engraved lid.
"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do" And this book-'In Indian culture Why do we (do what we do) is a most interesting book which I will blog about soon (before returning it to its rightful owner)
So that was my moodboard which I had a ball putting together- along with some anxious moments of 'this is not coming together well at all!' But I really love the way the colours look :)
If you havent considered doing a mood board for your blog- do try it. Its a great exercise & very insightful to see how you gravitate to a certain style & certain images.

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