Colours from Kerala

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My camera goes where I go and these pictures are from my many trips to Kerala, my home state. Having home and family in Kerala for me has meant that I've not really done the touristy thing and 'seen' the place like my friends have, so no backpacking along backwaters has happened. But for me along the years, some of the things that will charachterise Kerala are the many colours on the Kerala trucks, green from the coconut leaves and brown from the coconuts without which there is no concept of cooking in Kerala.
I remember the locals looking at me really suspiciously as I shot these pictures-I had to tell them I'm researching local design :)

You can see more of the Kerala truck graphics from my earlier post here.
Wall painted signage in Malayalam- the language of the state.
In the markets- colourful plastic vessels for water
A sign that says 'Hotel'

I hadn't imagined I'd have so much blue in my kerala post- but here it is. Check the different metallic surfaces.

Bananas are grown locally and exported to neighbouring states as well. Keralites put bananas into sweets, have it raw as vegetable, deep fry them as savouries & chips.
Aah.. Papad or like we say it in Kerala- Pappadam.
Loved this antiquated latch and the textured blue door
Astrology is big in Kerala. Photography is not really permitted at the temples, but this one was by the main road & I sneaked a quick click.
The ubiquitous Coconut
the shells with the coconut all scraped
Chicks - used as blinds.

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