Shelly Kommers

Monday, November 23, 2009

Shelly Kommers' art is just the kind I love. Graceful collages with the power of handpainted, and my favourite elements - butterflies, birds and typography all bound together with a bit of whimsy and sometimes with a bit of thread. But it was her blog that really got me, this woman has so much personality and good energy. And then I read an interview of her's at Jess Gonacha's Peccanoot & completely fell in love with her.

If I ever make something as beautiful as this, i can curl up and die in peace.

I *LOVE* the stars, the bit of pink and the thread below the birds feet, don't you?

I haven't seen a brighter happier or more energetic Mandala

This one is just so beautiful with the layered lettering, the lines in the middle and the dear little cluster of yellow stars- and did you notice the tiny home and trees?

The yellow strings coming out like rays is so neat!
isn't it lovely that the string come down & sweeps up towards the flowers?


And this is where she works from. It has so much heart, this space.
And if you want to buy her art here's her Etsy shop.

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